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Top Downloads
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2016 Super Speedway Series
Admin: Jamie - Viper - Bill - Andy - Mike

Sunday Nights 
35% Race, 2x Pitting, Fixed Setups, Open View

Gen6BR_cts MOD: Click >here< to download

**This mod was created by: BullRing and they get ALL THE CREDIT!!**

Server Opens: 8pm EST. Qualifying begins: 9pm EST

2017 SS Series Overall Standings 2017 SS Seg 3 Standings 2017 SS Seg 3 Results 2017 SS Seg 3 Statistics 2017 SS Series Overall Statistics

MOD:  Gen6BR_cts  <<click here>> to download

2017  - SMO - Super Speedway Series


02/26/17 - Daytona TR 1.4

03/05/17 - Manasas

03/12/17 - Bermuda

03/19/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway

03/26/17 - Talladega 2006 v2

04/02/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway (Cure practice)

04/09/17 - Manasas

04/16/17 - Daytona TR Night

04/23/17 - Bermuda

04/30/17 - Talladega TR

05/07/17 - Manasas

05/14/17 - Riki Raceway Night


05/21/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway

05/28/17 - OFF


06/11/17 - Manasas

06/18/17 - Talladega 2006 v2

06/25/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway

07/02/17 - Daytona TR Night

07/09/17 - Bermuda

07/16/17 - Manasas

07/23/17 - Talladega TR

07/30/17 - Riki Raceway Night

08/06/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway

08/13/17 - Daytona 1.4


08/20/17 - Bermuda

08/27/17 - Talladega 2006 v2

09/03/17 - OFF

09/10/17 - Manasas

09/17/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway

09/24/17 - Daytona TR Night

10/01/17 - Bermuda

10/08/17 - Manasas

10/15/17 - Talladega TR

10/22/17 - Blue Ridge Speedway

10/29/17 - Daytona 1.4

11/05/17 - Talladega_2006 v3 - Last practice for SMO 13th Race

11/12/17 - Bermuda

**END OF 2017 Super Speedway Season**


*Super Speedway Series Champion to be Announced*

CONGRATS to ANDY MARGO for winning the Super Speedway Championship for 2016!!!


Going into 2017, some new rules will apply. They have not yet been updated in our rule/racing procedure section but hopefully it will be soon.

1.) Lucky Dogs and Wave Arounds:

-- If there is a lucky dog and wave around granted then the wave around will line up behind the field and then the lucky dog behind the wave around when the 1 to go is given after you pass the pace car.

-- Wave arounds DO NOT PIT, remember that, and must be between the pace car and the current leader if the leaders pit. If the leaders don't pit and you are 3 cars back, you will NOT be granted the wave around. If you are granted, please line up behind the pace car.

-- Lucky Dogs will pit when allowed. Once you have pitted and come back out to fall in the field, please announce you are lucky dog and coming to the front. **ALL LUCKY DOGS will pass on the OUTSIDE of the field and come up to the pace car. This will allow any lead lap cars who wish to pit another time by to do so without the lap car getting in the way coming to the front. Everyone will need to get used to this and the admins will try to remember to remind you.

2.) Restarts

-- There will be ONE restart if there is a yellow before the leader takes the first lap of green.

-- If there is a restart, IT WILL BE SINGLE FILE.

3.) Black Flags

-- Black flags are there for a reason. If you pass the pace car going into the pits, speed, pass anyone under yellow, or don't enter or exit the pits safely, then you get a black flag.

-- Black flags will only be cleared if there's a glitch with the track, lucky dogs, or wave arounds.

-- Please watch your real time F2 so that you don't pass the pace car going in the pits.


-- NO HOT PITTING, which means be at pit road speed when you cross the line.

-- NO LOW LINING on super speedways.

-- NO BLOCKING until 10 to go. If you block and it causes drivers to have to check up quickly and cause a wreck, then you will need to claim the yellow. If not claim, when reviewed if blocking caused the yellow you will be given a 15 point penalty or last place points, whichever is the lesser penalty.
This does not apply to under 10 to go. Under 10 to go will be viewed by the series admin and a final outcome will be decided if needed.
-- NO PASSING before turn 2 on starts or restarts unless 10 to go.

-- NO PASSING BEFORE THE START/FINISH LINE. That means your front bumper should not be past the rear bumper of the car in front of you unless that car has gear issues or tells you to pass.

-- NO LAGGING BACK TO GET A RUN AT THE START. We all know what that is, meaning you got a jump and now you are a half car length up on the car in front of you on the inside. If they tell you to pass, they should tell you to go to the outside.

-- NO PASSING BELOW THE YELLOW OR WHITE LINES on super speedways. This means all 4 wheels must be across that line before it's a penalty. If you drop 2 wheels over to prevent getting into someone or the field checked up then no problem. However, if all 4 wheels go over the line then and you cause a yellow/wreck then it's an automatic 10 point penalty.

-- Race back with 10 or less to go if a yellow comes out.

-- BE COURTEOUS TO ALL DRIVERS! (Means give and take)






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Published on: 2007-02-02 (12254 reads)

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