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BF2 Stats

Babe of the Day
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Top Downloads
· 1: 2006 Talladega v 2.1
· 2: Late Model Mod V2
· 3: Las Vegas 2006 Night
· 4: Mexico City 2k6
· 5: CTS 2009 Mod V 1.2
· 6: Whelen Mod
· 7: Caraway
· 8: AeroWar 88 v1.1
· 9: Motor Mile
· 10: Bakersfield

Drivers-Assigned #'s
2014-2015 Membership

2014-2015 SMO DRIVERS

THE CAR NUMBER THAT YOU HAVE WILL BE USED IN ALL SERIES. IF YOU ARE NOT ACTIVE IN ANY SERIES, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS LIST AND THAT NUMBER WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SOMEONE ELSE. If you don’t see your name, then either you haven't signed up or you have been removed from the list for non-activity.


NOTE: #66 will be the Server Number for ALL SERIES

3 Retired Number (Dale Earnhardt SR. 1951-2001)

00 racing4fun
01 David Mola
1  Scott Hein
2  Weedy1
4  Simpleman
5 Garry Slauenwhite
6  MAVS : Lifetime Reservation
7 Kyle Green
8 Brandon Lucas
08 Mike Mangrum
10 Shawn Kaufman
11 Overkill : Lifetime Reservation
12 K Hunley
13  BigBadStu
14 Gary Mingus
17 GTO
018 Maytag18
18  Reserved always for: SLRitenour
19 Kenny Tedder
20 Bob Kincaid
21 S Looney
22  Cheyenne
24  Viper
25 Chayne Cox/chevyracing
26 Eric Nordhoff
27 Bob Syre
028 Monte Keller
28 Mo Mosley (will run 28 until Tom comes back to race with us)
28 Tom Craighead
29 Brian Wolf
31 Outlawz71
32 JB72
33 Chad K
39 Terry Shulmire
40 Slick
41 Nopes
42  Chris K_42 (reserved)
43 Mike Chevrier
044 Nigel Sackett
44 Kwalter44
46 Rick Mitchell Jr.
47 AWall
48 Kyle Clingenpeel
50 Marc Saywer
52 Joseph Penn
53 Termite (reserved)
54 William Russell
56 Slim56
57 Andy Margo
60  c_crisp26
61 RC Jordan
62 Kevin Talley
64 Paul Maddux
66  IN MEMORY OF: HAWK aka knighthawk66
68 Bill Salo
69 MoonPie/MoonDog aka Don Wahlers
71 Scott Smith / aka babylou21
73 Scott Tedder
74 Chad Brinkley
75 Hulio18z aka Bryan
077  Michael Brown
78 Aaron Johnson
81 Bob Tompkins Sr
82 Ryan Kelley
83 Jackson Carter
84 SNSpawn (Reserved)
88 Jeffrey Goodpaster aka intimidator
91 Chewy
92 Jimmy Moffitt
99 Jimmy Brendle
109 reallytwstd aka Brian
910 Jamie Tedder

NOTE: If you have no active racing with SMO within 45 days of your sign up, you will be removed and will have to sign up again in order to race online with our league, which means you could lose your requested number. © SMO-Hardcore 2004-2014


If you have a reserved number on this page and have not raced over the past year, since January 2013, you are subject to losing your number. We have many new drivers joining up but the number they want is already taken and we know some of you haven't race in 18 months or longer. So, please if you don't plan to race anymore at SMO over the year 2014, would you mind sending an email to : smo-hardcore@charter.net and let us know that we can remove your number and allow someone else to use it. Even if you do this and decide to join us again, you can sign up again or send an email to get a new number. We appreciate your understanding. The following numbers are permanent and will not be removed: 3, 6, 11, 18, 41, 42, 53, 56, 66, and 84

Copyright © by smo-hardcore.com All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2007-02-02 (12364 reads)

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Children, do not attempt this outside. Somewhat but trying real hard professional drivers on a closed course.
Have a nice jay dude!


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