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SMO 12th Year Anniversary
2004 - 2016 : Still going Strong!!


Saturday Night, August 27th, 2016

Where: SMO-Hardcore Online Racing League (The SMO "Mavs" 250)

Why: To Celebrate the 12th year of racing at SMO and to honor the Founders of SMO
TONIGHT’S RACE IS TO HONOR A FOUNDING MEMBER: We are honoring the “M” in SMO tonight. His racing name is MAVS, his real name is Tary Roundtree. He lives in Kaufman, Texas. Which is the reason we are running Texas tonight as it’s his home track. Mavs drove the #6 car while he was still racing at SMO. Most of his paint schemes were the Bass Pro Shop and Tracker Boats. The admins will be running the #6 on their roof tonight in honor of this founding member. Some may be running his Bass Pro Shop paint to honor him as well. Thank you Mavs for creating such a great and respectful league of drivers. We will continue SMO as long as the gaming world will let us!!
Game Mod: CWS2015 (trucks) *Click the mod to download it.*-Designed by Om3gA Racing-

Track: Texas Night_SBP *Click the track to download it.* -Designed by Safer Barrier Projects-

Fixed Setup: Custom SBP  - Setup comes with the track -

CORE: Updated Core - Click >here< to get the core if needed.

Race Distance: 50% = 167 Laps = 250.5 miles

Pitting: 1x Pitting = Fuel Window about 64-66 laps

Weather: 70* - Clear and Calm

Damage Level: Moderate

Yellow Flags: ON

Hardcore Mode: Driving Aids *OFF* - No forced cockpit view

Double File Restarts: NO - All restarts will be single file.

Lucky Dogs and Wave Arounds: YES



DRTV Teamspeak 3 IP:
Once you join you'll be assigned to the race room

Password for this race is: smo2016

-NOTE-: *ALL* Drivers must use Teamspeak in order to hear what's going on. If you can't run Teamspeak and the game, please get with Jamie, or any SMO Admin, to talk about this issue. This is mandatory and without it you may not be allowed to race.



Server Opens: 7:45pm Eastern Time

*Mandatory Drivers Meeting*:  9pm (if you miss the driver's meeting you are *NOT* eligible to Qualify)

Qualifying Starts: 9:15 Eastern Time SHARP or sooner! Please be on time because there are no Qualifying restarts.

Happy Hour: 10 Minutes

RACE: 9:30pm Eastern Time. This is a *LIVE* broadcast on DRTV via You Tube.


TRUCK FILES: Deadline is 6pm on Thursday, August 25th.

There is a folder in the car file section called "SMO12yrs" that your truck file needs to be in when I transfer it to DRTV on August 25th.

Link to Truck Files (click on file name below): Username = carfiles  Password = shifter


*ALL* truck files need to be loaded by 6pm on August 25th. NOTE: If you plan to use your regular cws15 truck, please let Jamie know ASAP, or preferably please upload the truck you are going to use to SMO12yrs folder. I really don't want to be getting truck files at the last minute and if it don't get to DRTV then you will be seen in a rental truck in the broadcast!!

Please have your truck files ready by AUGUST 25th!!

If anyone was left out as who designed what, when, where, how, or why, please accept our apologies and let us know so that it don't happen in the future!

                                         SPONSORED BY:

Mountain Motorsports Racing

Hard Charger Racing

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Published on: 2007-02-02 (9426 reads)

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Have a nice jay dude!

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